Outcomes & Impacts

Know the "BIG PICTURE" difference your Nonprofit makes.

Impacts – the "big picture" difference

What substantial effects will happen in the community because you do what you do?

InTimeIMPACT! - CRM software for nonprofitsHow will your nonprofit measure up as a powerful force in catalyzing large-scale change within the population you serve? High-impact nonprofits work with and through organizations and individuals outside themselves to create more impact than they ever could have achieved alone. InTime IMPACT! technology tools help your nonprofit gather the data to know you are on track in achieving your goals.

Outcomes – to show funding ROI

"Outcome" reports are a powerful guide for nonprofit leadership to evaluate current programs and advance mission.

InTimeIMPACT! - CRM software for nonprofitsThe ability of your nonprofit to define, measure and understand its outcomes puts you in a stronger position when funding sources are reviewing several proposals all seeking support from the same pool of funds. Over time the outcomes are used as evidence that the impact you want to make in your community is happening as planned. InTime IMPACT! technology tools are customized to provide input forms and "alert" systems so that data gathered over time helps guide your nonprofit in accomplishing strategic initiatives.