You wouldn't buy a pair of shoes two sizes too big or one size too small.

Customize. Organize.Integrate. Use with Ease.

CRM tailored for a perfect fit.Your CRM system needs tailoring for a perfect fit.

If you know what you do really well in building relationships, increasing business and serving clients...realize, then, that if you do MORE of what you do well it will likely result in more clients like your best, and more business like your favorite. That's a desirable scenario. Profitable, too, for a number of reasons.

It's that old 80/20 rule - where 80% of your business comes from 20% of your clients. If we take the business development and service processes of how you take care of your best clients, and then apply that to a process for how you take care of ALL prospects and clients, you'll end up with more like your best.

Your CRM system needs to be customized and streamlined to actually add the "simplicity" back into it so that your team can focus on what works. It sounds like such a "no-brainer." But it's hard to identify the very best and simplify. KMI helps you do that.

And then when you have your strategy and plan, we apply smart thinking to how the technology of your CRM tool works.

When your CRM system is customized for your company, your business team doesn't have to think about "how" to use it, they just use it. After all, it's a perfect fit! With the "thinking" already built in.

Now it's time to ORGANIZE!


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