Calendar, Email, Contacts -
with you where you are.

Customize. Organize.Integrate. Use with Ease.

Integrate and SynchronizeSynchronized. Accessible. Current. Reliable.

Calendar? "In sync." Check.
Email? "In sync." Check.
Contacts? "In sync." Check.
Notes? "In sync." Check.

How can you do better than that? This really is CRM "on the go." Your computer at your desk at work is synchronized with your calendar on your iPhone. Your contacts are available where you are at, at the touch of a button. Your emails come to you if you're in the office or chatting with a friend over coffee.

At KMI, we help you fit your CRM system to how you that your most important information - your contacts, your email, your calendar, even your project notes - are current and with you when you need them.

For example, if you're accustomed to using Outlook® for your email, then we set up your CRM system to integrate with Outlook®. We integrate and synchronize your systems so they "talk" with each other. The information you need will be where you are accustomed to having it. And the effectiveness of solid CRM strategy will happen. Plus, your team will fully USE it!

KMI helps you fit your CRM system with how you do business best.

And now let's explore how you can USE YOUR CRM SYSTEM WITH EASE.
Use with Ease.

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